No longer is it about “Knowledge is power”. With Google and high-speed internet, the CEO of a major corporation has as much access to information as a street cleaner with the push of a button.


You know what you know, but do you do what you know? In the new connection economy it’s all about WHAT YOU DO and not WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO. Ideas without execution are a simply delusions.


Real Estate is not complicated. You find a seller. You find a buyer. You match them up. Sales is a numbers game. Some say yes. Some say no. And some say later.


Speak to 10 people before 10am. Have a good “stay-in-touch strategy” and tell people an incredible concept – the truth!


Avoid the addiction to distraction. Run your real estate life not on just energy but on processes. Spur of the moment up and down agents dabbling in real estate is not sustainable. Be committed on non-negotiables and not just doing your best, but doing whatever it takes. Simply put, worry about the process and the proceeds will come.


Most importantly, your car is a university on wheels, use your time wisely. You can now listen to all of my interviews with the leading Attraction Agents and principals in Australia from my 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast


Have a great week by design!