We might not sell the most homes, but I pride on selling the homes for most. That’s my goal. I made a decision some time ago I would be a qualitative agent, not a quantitative agent, and that meant that I would probably not be like the Aldi of real estate, where I sell a lot of homes. So the benefit to you is you’re not going to just be another one of 20 listings that I have on my books. You’re going to be a very important vendor with a very important house. That’s the first thing. The second thing is you mentioned to me that the other agent sells a lot more of those bigger homes. You know that nearly all properties that get sold get sold because a buyer sees it online. So I need you to know the other agent you’re talking about does not get buyers that I don’t have. Buyers don’t sign exclusive agreements. Whoever’s got the listing gets the buyer. Inquiry of realestatecom, like you do when you’re searching.

I think really, the question you’ve got to make up your mind is do you want to list with someone that’s going to be accountable to you, not have 20 other listings, not have an army of soldiers that all of a sudden, before you know it, you’re dealing with a young person who’s part of an agent’s team, because the only way that these other officers sell lots of sales is to have an army of young people doing opens, talking to buyers. I’m going to give you a commitment I’ll list your home, I’ll be at every open, I’ll have every buyer discussion. I’ll have every vendor meeting. I’ll be involved in every negotiation. And, yes, you are 100% correct, I’ve got to prove myself each and every day in the market. I don’t have the luxury of being able to say look at all these houses I’ve got. I’ve got to prove myself every day. For me, your home is a privilege. It’s not an entitlement. But to put you at ease, what I’d like to do is, the minute you appoint me, I’ll be giving an automatic 50% conjunction to the other agent. So if they’ve got a buyer man, they just send him over. Free money, free money.

I think what I’m saying to you is there’s not going to be a real estate agent, mark, that’s going to work harder than me to get you the best price. So what I’d love to do is to be able to get to work and to put you at ease. I’m also going to give you a guarantee of sale which basically says I will do these activities and if I don’t, you can terminate the agreement. I don’t think the other agent would back themselves like that. So, realistically, mark, I want to get to work. When can we start? That would be the approach.

Now you might pick and choose a few of the things that, by the way, everyone the guarantee of sale is in the Real Estate Gym

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