Every week agents ask me, “Tom, should I leave my office and start my own agency? What are the key strategies for launching a fast-growing brand?” 🤔 In this Real Estate Business Masterclass, a panel of experts and I will reveal all:

  • Do I have what it takes to launch my own agency?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • How should I start an agency in this market, and why?
  • How do I evaluate the risks vs. returns?
  • How can I carve out market share from established agents / agencies?
  • How can I aggressively grow an agency in this market?
  • What are the staffing strategies?
  • Will a reputable real estate brand help me succeed?
  • How do I leverage technology for growth, and more


Plus, did you hear the exciting announcement? I am honoured to be Head Coach & Trainer of REB Australia 🤯