I would like to share with you simple strategies so you can become an Attraction Agent and start earning 6 figure incomes. My findings were recently published by the Real Estate Institute of NSW. After 700 hours of interviews, I have identified critical behaviours that separate a vendor-paid Attraction Agent from an average one, and here they are:

  • Prove to vendors that a successful marketing campaign results in a successful sale using case studies
  • Show the vendor where the buyers first hear about the property and where they are coming from using visual aids such as a buyer enquiry sources. Use this line: “Mr & Mrs vendor, do you want to attract the first buyer, or the best buyer for your property?”
  • Become world-class at delivering powerful dialogues. A simple sentence like this can have a profound effect on a vendor: “Do you want me to present you with a marketing plan to win your business, or one that will get you the best price in the shortest possible time?”
  • Start asking for the sale – half the battle of winning is just beginning
  • Believe in your approach. Ask yourself: “What story do I carry around with me?” Drop your past excuses and live in the present moment. Ensure that your story is invigorating, empowering and drives you forward
  • Commit to the 10 Laws of Real Estate Negotiation and practice them as though they are second nature
  • Use the Free Success Tools to help you kick-start your vendor paid marketing campaign today


Once you begin implementing these simple strategies, you will start to attract the right vendors – those who actually want to market their property.


How have you made the shift from being a transactional agent to an Attraction Agent? Leave a reply below. I would love to hear your stories.