In my 23 years in Real Estate I have worked out that tactics, strategies and ideas are EMPTY without taking action, risks and courage. So here are my top 10 insights to help you realise that Small Changes = Big Results. I hope you find them useful, and more importantly, do something about them.

  1. Hiring a cheap agent is like a hiring an overweight personal trainer.
  2. You miss 100% of the listing presentations you never get called into. Sometimes it’s best to just be there – you don’t even have to be good
  3. Don’t complicate the sales/prospecting process. Some say yes, some say no, some say later (and just put them in your database)
  4. Most agents say to themselves in the car leaving the vendor meeting what they should have said to the vendor at the meeting. Practice and rehearse those Crucial Conversations!
  5. The two dimensions of being a BRAND agent is reputation and reach. No point having an amazing reputation if no one knows about you.
  6. Brand is what people say about you as an agent in your area when you’re not in the room
  7. Big people make other people big. Small people make other people small. Make sure your reference group of people are bringing the best version of out of you each day
  8. Never let perfect get in the way of better. Doing something ok is better than doing nothing at all
  9. Always ask vendors at listing presentations “Do you want a marketing plan to make you happy or one that will you the best price?” Hint: the plan that makes them happiest, is the one that’s designed to get them the highest price
  10. Do not let your personal history get in the way of your future destiny. Who you are, is not who you can be.


So tell me, how you will take advantage of the current buyer activity? Would you say that the energy in the current market is high?