We all know that the top two critical behaviours that all 7-figure agents have in common are working within the community, and building a database. Social Media is a great way to achieve both of these. So here are my top 10 Social Media tips for Attraction Agents:

  1. Have a clearly defined long-term social media strategy: unless you are going to be committed to having regular conversations with people, stop wasting your time
  2. Manage your own social media profile with pride – it’s your own brand. No matter which agency you end up working for, your personal fanbase can follow you wherever you go.
  3. Be human and real. Share real messages as though you are having a café conversation. People can detect integrity and respond to it.
  4. Unless you’re going to say something useful or interesting – don’t bother saying it at all.
  5. Social media management tools such as Hootsuite  / SproutSocial / SozHub can be an effective way blast messages all at once. But beware!
    Each social media platform has its own a unique optimisation strategy, and what works for Faceboook, may appear completely out of place for Twitter:
    - Facebook optimisation: use language such as “Share this” “Tell us what you think about this” “Like this”
    - Tweet optimisation structure (140 characters): 1. Headline or phrase, 2. Link, 3. Hashtag
    - LinkedIn optimisation: edit your personal URL in your profile settings so that it does not appear a random series of numbers. This will help to boost search engine rankings. My LinkedIn URL is: au.linkedin.com/in/tompanos/.
    Yours may be: au.linkedin.com/(insertname)RealEstate
  6. Pay attention to the visuals – the overall look and feel of the page needs to capture your brand identity. Your Facebook cover photo for instance should be changed at least once a month. Facebook photos tend to have an over 50% higher engagement than average posts.
  7. Your online profile is no longer private. The last thing you want is for a vendor to find those unpleasant pictures of you from that wild party. Remove them – it’s the safest thing.
  8. Get real with your Facebook fanbase number. It’s not about the number of people that like your post – it’s about the number of people talking about you. Your Facebook status update is constantly competing with potentially hundreds of other stories for a single slot in a user’s newsfeed. So just because someone “Likes” your page, does not mean they are getting your feeds.
  9. Getting your social media accounts set-up is the easy part, maintaining is it when the work begins. The social media playing field is a constantly changing one. To ensure your efforts are being maximised you can outsource it, or to send your PA / Marketing Manager to a social media course and master the techniques.
  10. The time and resources that you invest in social media should not replace existing revenue and value adding activities. Make your PA an admin of your page. You should be out doing listing presentations and having crucial conversations with vendors.


So tell me, what’s worked for you on Social Media? Please share them in the comment box below.


Also, thanks to my social media business manager Susan Zheng for her contributions on these tips.