Real Estate agents right around the country often resort to the deceptive practice of launching a new listing into the market place by “soft launch”.

Some agents refer to this as a “sneak preview” or a VIP inspection, you get the drift. Ultimately, what the agent is saying to the vendor is “let’s do a cheap and nasty campaign for a couple of weeks and if we find a buyer that wants your property you can save on all the money, hassle, and stress of a full blown out marketing campaign”. All sounding very good and seductive to your average vendor.

But here’s the catch. This method is looking for the first buyer, not the BEST buyer. To make things worse the deceptive agents that uses soft launch approach then goes back to the vendor 2 weeks later if the property is not sold and hits them with a significant marketing investment, something they should of been discussing at the time of the original agency agreement. Further more, the damage is done, as you never get a second chance at having a great first impression.

Ask any product manager in marketing and they will tell you you have a very short period of time to get cut-through when you launch a new product and this is exactly what you are doing when you launch a new listing in the market place.

Real Estate agents that have belief and confidence in themselves and their ability to show the vendor that it is their job to get the best price, not the first price always do a formal marketing campaign.