By popular demand, here are the Top 10 Laws of Real Estate Sales that the best agents use to secure seven figure incomes. Which laws have you committed to? Would love to hear your stories.


1. Vendors aren’t sold marketing campaigns. They buy marketing campaigns.

2. Closing is underrated. Vendors must be asked to list.

3. Your success in real estate is highly dependent as to how hungry you are.

4. If you hang out with poor agents, you will be a poor agent. If you hang out with successful agents, you will be a successful agent.

5. The purpose of the listing process is to convince vendors they are better off with you, than with another agent.

6. When there is trust in the relationship the terms become negotiable.

7. No real estate agent has ever out-listened themselves out of a listing.

8. A vendor wants a relationship first and a commission and marketing plan second.

9. Your dress, your marketing material, your car, all create a visual perception of you. THE BRAND.

10. Vendors call for a market appraisal but are really asking for a great human being to show up.