It was April 1995 and I was a month or so into a master’s degree of management post graduate course undertaking part time study. I was about 28 years of age. The first 5 weeks studying part time had been hectic trying to combine married life, a full time job, and a very rigorous management course at uni. It was the last day before you could withdraw from the course and get your uni fees refunded and not get a fail on your academic record.

I went in and saw the professor who was running the master’s program and told him why I wanted to withdrawal and made some sort of suggestion I would maybe at a later time return to study.

He attempted to talk me out of it at which I responded “Look I’m 28, by the time I finish this thing in 3 years time I’m going to be 31”.

He looked at me,  paused for a moment and said “Tom, you’re going to be 31 in 3 years regardless.” The silence got me thinking. This guy’s right. These 3 years are going to go by regardless, it’s what I do in those 3 years that’s going to make the difference.

So here’s the learning, forward your thinking to your default future 3 years ahead and start gaining the understanding that what you do today will determine what 2014 is going to look like in your life.

I’m happy I walked in to the Professor’s office. I’m happy I also stayed at uni for the next 3 years…