Troy Malcolm 00:00

KB, where do people get it right in real estate? Let’s start there. and where do people get it wrong? If it’s kind of a double-edged question and quite contradictory, but where do you see it? Because you’ve had 23 years of working for an amazing brand, being an amazing real estate agent your growth has been exponential over that period But where do you notice that most people get it wrong and most people get it right?

Kieran Bresnahan 00:21

Well, in terms of the ones that get it right, like we’re talking about, they appreciate the value of consistency, they appreciate the value of a happy client over one, two, three, four decades And they do the activity right. The guys that the GOAT panel like, they just do the activity every day. Not Mike makes I’m gonna do 60 calls today or I don’t feel like it’s every day, It’s like a non-negotiable now. The people that get it wrong, looking for quick wins, and they underestimate a disappointed client or you miss a listing because you don’t follow up. That’s not just one piece of business you miss. It is unquantifiable to establish how much that will actually cost you over the next five, 10, 15, 20 years.

Kieran Bresnahan 01:13

And when you start thinking about the action, you’re gonna be in real estate for the rest of your life, not maybe the rest of this year or in six months. and then I see how I go and I try something else. you start to think of it as an actually career. Every person you meet you’ll treat differently and you’ll see the long and you’ll take a long-term perspective. and that might be now’s not the right time for you to sell. Why don’t we wait? you know, whatever the situation may be, but if you put the client first and take a long-term view and you do the work, it’s kind of assured.

Troy Malcolm 01:44

You mentioned Kieran in the presentation as another highlight, as giving yourself the gift of the present moment, and I think a lot of real estate professionals right now don’t do that. They’re always focused on what it looks like in a year’s time, in three years’ time. Why is that important for you and why do you pass that on to all your team?

Kieran Bresnahan 02:01

Because for everybody but real estate agents, the head noise can be catastrophic, can be demoralising for them, and it’s really hard to stop like and if, but the whole thinking about the goal and next week and next month and two years, it just doesn’t help you. It doesn’t help you be effective today, which ultimately is going to lead you to get everything you want. Now, as real estate agents, we need to learn to like keep our head where our feet are and just make the next call the most effective call. And as for agents, like, if you find yourself the monkey brain going crazy, just stop three breaths. I wonder what the next thought is that’s going to come into my mind, because that forces you to be present and bring you back to here and go right. What’s the next thing I need to do? Go back to my list, just chalk the next thing off.

Troy Malcolm 03:02

You’ve also been a mentor to so many in the industry, especially within the offices, that you are the proud leader with your business partner, Matthew King. What is one or two of the greatest tips that you’ve passed on to the younger people coming through the industry around resilience and success, and why it’s a marathon or not a sprint Yep, awesome question One is to be kind to yourself And one the other most important thing is to…

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