It was a Tuesday morning and I was catching up for a social cup of coffee with John McGrath and Sebastian Bonaccorso. I had just spent nearly 2 years in treatment having chemo, radiation and anti-body therapy.

Things did not look good during the time of treatment due to the nature of the cancer that I had. You can imagine what toll this treatment has on your body physically and mentally.

Little did I know that on this day however, things would be different for good. As I walked down Dalhouse Street to the cafe my phone rang. It was my oncologist. I had just had all my scans done a few days earlier and I was expected to go in on that Friday to see what the results were and the impact of the treatments that I’ve been having.

I noticed the caller id number on my screen and my heart started to race. Why was he calling so soon? Before I could come up with any further thoughts he casually uttered the words “Tom, I’ve got good news the scans are clear”.

That moment things became more vivid, colours clearer, people’s voices I could hear in the background and the sun was shining. I will never forget that feeling. I realised now that those colours, those voices and the sun aren’t there just on that day but they’re there a lot of times in life. These are things we take for granted.

I clearly remember wanting to bottle the feeling of that day forever. It was exhilarating.

I went home that night and there was a big bouquet of flowers from John McGrath with a very nice message. I knew then that life would never be the same.

Let’s face it, was I ever going to worry about a parking ticket, a missed flight or an argument with a client or friend again? When you come back to life a second time you look at things with different eyes …