One observation I have made in real estate print media is the ability of a newspaper advertisement grabbing the attention of the passive aspirational buyer to connect with a property that they would have never seen had it not been advertised in print. Furthermore, this buyer does not usually spend hours and hours of research on the net and looking at past sales data to buy a property at a bargain price.

They simply accidentally see a house as they passively scroll through beautiful looking houses in a newspaper or magazine, see something that grabs their attention and before you know it they are the highest bidder paying a premium price. Conversely, the buyer who sits online treating buying a house like a PHD project rarely gets emotional and pays a “heart” buyer price. They tend to be far more rational.

Which leads me to the point of what the role of an agent is. It is not to sell a house. It is to sell that house for a premium and achieve that 10% hidden premium in the marketplace by executing the premium price formula. The premium price formula is as follows:

Premium Price = world class advertising + world class negotiation skills + competitive bidding + emotional connection.

So from this formula above you can clearly see that if you see yourself as a marketing agent, you need to ensure that the aspirational passive buyer is attracted to the property you’re marketing as this buyer will either pay the premium or force another buyer to pay a premium.