1. old v young
  2. girl v boy
  3. quiet v loud
  4. smooth v rough
  5. nice person v arrogant

But there is one clear quality they all had: THEY RAN AN ATTRACTION BUSINESS.
Simple idea: They attracted vendors to them by the quality of the marketing they did . In a world of oversupply agent vs. under supply stock , they stood out from the mediocre by being different. By being a purple cow. Now here’s the secret, it does not matter whether they were John Mcgrath, James Dack , Kingsley Yates, James Tostevein or Michael Kollosche, they used print to create a brand and put them on the shopping list of the quality listings.
They were world class at selling marketing and in return got their vendors to stand out in the crowd of the hundreds of thousands of listings on real estate web portals. Simultaneously they created top of mind awareness to the vendors who were entering the real estate “sell” cycle giving them explosive momentum .
The cool news is that you have a choice: to stay stuck where you are or become world class at vendor paid marketing and become the attraction agent in your area.
Oh, and by the way, if it all seems too hard , just remember the lead dog agent has not always been lead dog and will not always be. But before they were lead dog, they were probably where you are now. They simply got smart , made a decision , took action and and now get the results of those actions.
When will you make the decision ?