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Hey everyone, Tom Panos here with an absolute legend right here 70% market share in two years, an agent that came into this marketplace from a different market, non-related and you’re going to hear an incredible story on an agent that has been able to build an incredible real estate business whilst at the same time having to overcome both new business setup, in addition to that, having some family adversity. Amit, extraordinary and thank you for joining me.

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You know, tom, how you say it like sometimes your best gifts in the like-and-badly wrap Like. I was working there for four and a half years and it came to the point where I was doing 68 sales a year and I stopped growing just because of the limitation in terms of the profile and everything. I happened to have my first born, my child, or my beautiful daughter. Her name is Kaira. She was born 4th of the April. I was that committed to work that in fact I was working from hospital while she was born. Happened to be that she had a medical condition she was born with, diagnosed with, which was very rare, and she was in ICU for five weeks. She was five weeks premature. I was working from hospital. I’ll go to work and I was working still six days a week. I come back, finish eight, nine o’clock on the way, stopped by the hospital. I had my beautiful wife supporting me. She used to stay at the hospital as well. She’s a part-time teacher. She stopped work and looked after the little one and I used to stop by on the way, and 11, 12 o’clock we got home and then next morning we repeat again.


So it was a bit of a tough time. We went through it, but this was one of my best years as well, and it just happened to be that I thought you know what? I can’t do these for long. My chart need my attention and I was the only earner. I did not have any other option other than just sinker swim. I did not have any plant B. I just knew one thing for my family, there is no other option other than just succeeding really, really well. So I just thought of starting my own. Happened to be that I’m starting my own. I gave my previous post a notice that I need to leave. Here is a notice where I had 10 listings. I made three sales. I said I need to go. Here is a notice for two weeks and I want to start my own. He didn’t like it because I was selling there the most. He said if you want to leave, you leave today. So I handed back my phone, my diary and all the details and I left with nothing, no job, scratch nothing, nothing, no job, nothing From right.


I live in Quaker’s little bitches, 30 kilometers away, and I was like okay, I need to start working from home. I have a room which is 3 by 2.8 square meter room. I have a small little 110 dollar desk, a chair and a 35 dollar office work planter. But I had a fun and a font. That’s what it takes and I was like, okay, where do I go, where do I start?


And I knew that I can’t waste time. I did not have any time to waste. I was big in learning and development. I’ve been your gym member. I listen to your podcast. I’ll go to a million dollar agent podcast in person. I do all the conferences I’ve been doing. I’ve been going to Eric for the last six years and never missed Eric. This was my life-changing moment and I thought you know what I need to do it. I can’t waste time. And happened to be.


I got a call from someone who’s a good friend of mine. He said my friend’s property is on the market in Skorford, 41 Wildfriars Street. Skorford is the address. It’s been on the market. I said why don’t you give a meter chance? It’s been on the market for three months. I said great, I listed it and, entrustingly enough, I sold it first week. I sold it first week and happened to be two doors down there is another property on the market and it’s an overseas owner and they call me then. My property has been on the market for two months. How could you sell this one and mine once not sold and they are number 45, which is two doors down. I said no problem, I can take care of them and I listed it again. Sold it first week as well. Interesting enough, fast forward. I have sold 11 properties, which one of them you auctioned a couple of weeks ago in Wildfriars Street in Skorford. That’s right, and that was the 11th. You saw. 11th one, 11th one I sold.

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Extraordinary. So, realistically, one sale created the next sale Correct, and from there it just spurred on Correct. In the early stages, when you were door knocking, what would you say?

Amit Kumar 04:34

I did exactly what you teach in the real estate gym and you always tell your gym member as well. I do just listed, just sold, and that’s what pretty much has been made out door knocking. I listed the property, I sold the property and that’s how I picked up business and I’ve done more, but I always have sold for really high prices because the boutique agency, what I worked with, what I was taught really, really well, was bias qualifying process really well and acting in a vendor’s interest very well, which means I was selling for really high prices. So when I focused on one area which happened just a couple of years ago and that’s how I picked up the market share I just made sure that I sold. I have sold the prices so high that I started getting calls because I started from zero with my name, no brand, no nothing. The only way for me to win was great result.

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Okay. So, team, as you’re watching this here, I hope you’re taking some notes down because you’re getting a template, a blueprint if you like, of going into a new area with no brand name, with no data and actually launching, and what he’s talking about here. Amir is saying that he had to bring something to the table and it was getting some top dollars on properties to get the attention. And you do not this area as well. Absolutely you do not. This area with the, with the just listed and just sold. I mean, there’s only one reason you don’t get every listing in your area either they didn’t call you in or they’ve called you in and your listing presentation was good, wasn’t good enough, but, Amit, you were getting the attention of of people. Today, when you’re doing 140 deals a year, what are some of the marketing activities that you do with your community and also in real estate to stay relevant and get the attention of people.

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So that’s giving you a test drive of real estate gym. Let me tell you, if you’re a subscriber and a member of the gym, you’ll be getting videos from our co-coaches all the time. You’ll be getting mentors, you’ll be getting scripts, you’ll be getting dialogues, you’ll be getting templates and, most importantly my prospector your personal accountability system. To make more calls, get more appointments, get more listings from around $10 per week,, your personal coach.