The corporate culture of your real estate office is the one sustainable competitive advantage that you can have that not matter how hard your competitors try, they can never copy.

The best way to describe culture is understanding that just as every human being has a personality so does every real estate office. I walk in to real estate offices all the time. It’s part of my gig at News Limited. And I’ve noticed the following:

  • World class offices that do the numbers have a culture of leadership, dynamic, energetic and people are there to do exceptional work for their clients.
  • Poor real estate offices that struggle from month to month have a no culture and in some instances feel like adult daycare centers – people just hanging out.

Below are some game changing tactics to build a world class culture:

  • Conversation … your people and you are encapsulated in the conversations that are had, in the training room, at the coffee machine and in your sales meetings. The relationship IS the conversation.
  • Rituals … any organisation that has an incredible culture. e.g. Apple, use rituals to shape their culture. Things like celebrating special wins to catching people doing the right behaviours and celebrating them.
  • Training/ Coaching … The number 1 resource of any real estate office is it’s salespeople. It’s a no brainer, invest in upgrading their ability to get VPA, negotiate better, conduct listing presentations exceptionally, and watch your salespeople blossom. When your sales agents improve, your real estate office improves.

Get your culture right and no sales person will leave you even if they are offered 75% commission. At the end of the day salespeople want to feel part of an agency that has a winning feeling. Not only that but a winning culture becomes an attraction business for other salespeople in your area.