1. Provide outrageous value every day: People do business with people they like and trust. Make it your goal to go beyond the call of duty in all your interactions with customers. In a world that has become low-touch and high-tech, the best thing you can do is make people feel really special. Whilst other providers will talk price and benefits, they won’t be able to duplicate how you make someone feel. Prices, benefits and terms are always forgotten but not the way you have made them feel.
  2. Take the 30 day fitness trial: Exercise every morning for 30 days. Do something you love; run, walk, bike ride, swim or go to the gym. Make your decision after 30 days on whether to continue. Don’t decide before you do it because you will be lying to yourself as to whether this has worked for you. If I was a betting, man I would bet that you will have more energy, feel more alert, sleep better and feel extraordinary!  So you will never go back to waking up late, feeling tired and lethargic and going through the roller-coaster of emotions.
  3. Think 80/20: Focus on the 20% that generates 80% of the revenue. Don’t get caught up in being busy doing the things that don’t matter and don’t count.
  4. Write a NOT to do list: What are you wasting your time on? What are you doing that is not income producing? Keep a 30 minute log of your work day for a week and this will provide you with a cat scan of your life. Cross out everything you do that does not lead to a result driving you forward.
  5. Become a student at everything you do: Be curious about learning and become an expert in your field. Read, listen to audio books, ask questions of experts and mentors, attend training, do a self-audit and identify areas for improvement. Once you have found those areas go into ‘renovation mode’ and start fixing. Your car is a university on wheels, you can choose to listen to content that is motivating and inspiring or you can choose to listen to talk back radio.
  6. Write your 100 thing bucket list: On a clean sheet of paper write down 100 things you want to do before you die. Go crazy, go wild! Watch the World Cup football final in Europe, take your family to Disneyland, snorkel in the Maldives, skydive, run the New York marathon or write a book. By the way go and watch the movie ‘Bucket List.’
  7. Other people’s opinions are none of your business: You do not need to worry about what everyone is thinking of you. There is no need to please them. As Bill Crosby says: “I don’t know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody”. It’s not what people say or think that’s the problem, it’s whether we give permission to let these things to upset us.
  8. Make Sunday = Schedule day: Spend just 1hr on Sunday scheduling your “Big Rocks” into your diary. Put everything in, including health and fitness, personal development, business meetings and family time. What gets scheduled gets done. Before you know it your week will be world class and you will be in the habit of being super-productive and living your best life. All from that ‘Hour of Power’ on Sunday.
  9. Self-renewal: Have a mini vacation every week to regenerate yourself. Might be something as simple as having a massage one afternoon or taking time out to connect to nature or practice some yoga. You will find that you will have more clarity, make better decisions and feel a lot more energetic in doing your business.
  10. Build a World Class environment to support your success: Do an audit on your environment from your office to your friends to the food you have in the fridge. For instance, if being around certain people makes you feel discouraged or drained, limit or eliminate your time with them. If having chocolate around you is too tempting, replace them with healthy protein bars or fruit. What’s on your iTunes playlist? Is it inspiring like great music or a brilliant book?


So tell me, how will you use these tips to have a World Class 30 days in Real Estate?