Let’s face it – there are only two reasons why agents struggle. Firstly they don’t know what to do or secondly they know what to do but are not doing it. A new financial year is like a new beginning. Just like looking at a Balance Sheet, it is important to boost your assets to grow your business. Here are my top 10 real estate assets:


ASSET #1: Databasing. Data basing is communication magnified. It is so crucial to have process of building and nurturing contacts that may one day become a lead. Find out from Matt Sims, Director of Ray White Ferntree Gully how he uses databasing to become the #1 Ray White Office in VIC.


ASSET #2: Dump your dud listings – they are Liabilities. Clean business is what you need. Clean business involves working with motivated vendors who invest in marketing and are prepared to reason with the market. Dirty business not reward you and it will drain your energy and time.


ASSET #3: Smart Calling. Real estate in 2013 is not about being pushy and using an 80’s style sleazy used-car sales approach. It’s not about manipulating people into listing with you. It’s about putting yourself out in front of, and offering your services to those that are looking for an agent. Instead of cold calling choose Smart Calling.


ASSET #4: Leave your ego at the front door before you walk into your next listing presentation. Ego is an agent killer. It’s not about you – it’s about them.


ASSET #5: Don’t blend in. Brand is about standing out. In a world that is constantly trying to change you, people love to see someone who remains authentic, unique and strong in what they stand for. Be the best you – everyone else taken.


ASSET #6: Always put on your best show. You may have done your 46th listing presentation for the year, but for your next vendor it could be their first ever. For every audience it’s ‘opening night’.


ASSET #7: Use visuals such as iPads as aids, not crutches. Vendors want to list with you, not your iPad.


ASSET #8: Work harder on yourself than you do on the job. Things get better when you get better.


ASSET #9: Build an Attraction business model. You have one goal in your core market place. You need to be known to all prospective buyers as the “guy/girl who gets top dollar.” Vendors will be lining up for you.


ASSET #10: Be disciplined. To be successful in the long term, it is more important to have set processes and be disciplined in your call backs than to be a slick sales person. Director of #1 Ray White Office in VIC, Matt Simms elaborates on this.

So tell me, what are your best assets for this new financial year?