1. Call every vendor and give them some news (if no news just say “I’m calling you to tell you I’ve got no news”)
  2. Call every appraisal you have been to in the last 12 months and give them an update on the state of the market followed by this question: “Mr prospective vendor, if we had someone that loved your street, your kind of house and was ready to go would you be interested in selling?”
  3. De-clutter your desk and your office
  4. Design a new ideal week
  5. Watch a great personal development video online
  6. Call a top performer in the industry and ask them what are the top 3 things they do consistently that makes them so good
  7. Get a colleague and do some role playing in scripts and dialogue
  8. Call buyers and make appointments with hot buyers for the following days
  9. Write out a one page business plan linking your income goal all the way to activities to get there
  10. Do a SWOT analysis on your competitors