Real estate is a mental game. Don’t waste your ‘mental calories’ tolerating toxic people. Here are tools to physically and emotionally cut them out, including family members, and competing agents who want to steal your listings…

00:56 – Frontpage article in the paper to share with your potential vendors: “What happened to the property price crash that was predicted but never came?” Use this as a tool for your ‘List now – Launch Later‘ Strategy.

03:39 – Signs of toxic people

07:04 – You get what you tolerate. How to cut off toxic people physically and emotionally

11:45 – What if you have toxic family members?

14:18 – Script & Dialogue #1: Getting an offer off a buyer

16:12 – Script & Dialogue #2: When a competing agent is about to steal your listing

18:29 – Script & Dialogue #3: The Buyer-Seller Meeting

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