1. We believe you never get a 2nd shot at that 1st impression…the first 21 days when your property becomes available are the most crucial
  2. One additional buyer could add $50,000 to your sale price
  3. Your home is the only remaining tax haven & $50,000 more equates to $100,000 before tax
  4. We refuse to mis-market your property & apologise later
  5. So often we’re called upon to re-market poorly marketed properties by other agents – I wouldn’t do it to you
  6. You can’t sell a secret
  7. The internet accounts for only 30% of our sales and 50% of our buyer enquiry.  I don’t feel comfortable excluding half the market.
  8. If we over-market, the worst that can happen is we over spend a few thousand dollars.  If we under-market, we could potentially lose $50,000-$100,000.
  9. Car insurance analogy
  10. Product launch analogy
  11. I am recommending to you, what I would do for myself.
  12. Do you want me to present you with a marketing plan to win your business, or one that will get you the best price in the shortest possible time?