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Tom Panos, Australasia’s #1 real estate coach and trainer

Book Tom Panos at your next Virtual Event. Choose from one of the Programs below for Tom to deliver to your audince.

COVID–19 Scripts & Dialogue

The game has changed. Just like milk and bread have used by dates, so does the language you use in a new market. In this session you will learn.

  • How to prospect without commission breath
  • How to get a vendor to reduce their price expectation
  • How explain to a client why it’s better for them to list now versus waiting
  • How to extract an offer from a buyer in the current environment
  • How to create urgency in a non–urgent market
  • How to deliver an unstoppable listing presentation, get a good commission and a realistic vendor selling price
  • What to say to your database during COOVID–19 as you prepare for the rebound

The Digital Agent System

As the #1 social media engaged real estate coach and trainer in the world (source Facebook), Tom Panos will cover every aspect of winning the digital footprint using digital and video. In this session you will learn:

  • The essential equipment needed
  • How to build a magnetic attraction brand using social media
  • How to rapidly build your audience on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • The 7 videos every agent needs to execute and how to make them – without a professional video production company
  • How to add text to create compelling video content
  • How to create listing presentations using inexpensive social media hacks
  • How to conduct virtual auctions, inspections and appraisals
  • How to use Zoom webinars

COVID–19 Survival Plan

Tom Panos has been working in the real estate industry for over 30 years and built a world class business during the property crash in 1989.

Tom Panos trains the top 1% of real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand with a focus on creating a winner’s mindset and building mental resilience.

He obtained his Master of Management at the University of Western Sydney and has post-graduate qualifications in Coaching Psychology.

Tom Panos is one of the most sough-after coaches in the real estate industry delivering over 200 workshops a year in Australasia.

In this training session, your team will gain the tools to:

  • Develop an abundance mindset
  • Use evidence-based techniques to use during a crisis to manage your emotional state
  • Move from chaos to order
  • Use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to handle stress and anxiety
  • Remain positive in a negative situation
  • Bullet-proof your cash flow (both personally and for the business)
  • Apply the templates and structures the best agents are using to run a process driven business, and design your own system
  • Eliminate catastrophic thinking and not sweat the small stuff

Fanatical Prospecting Program

In this program, Tom Panos will outline the steps and processes Listing Freaks use to have an abundance of listings and dominant market share.

You will learn:

  • What types of prospecting works best and why
  • Who to contact and what to say
  • How to progress clients in your database
  • Scripts and dialogue to use on phone
  • The 3 sins of prospecting
  • How to overcome call reluctance
  • The 8 high probability calls

Note: All these programs are delivered by Zoom Webinars to a minimum of 4 participants. You will also receive the recording short after.