An online survey of 504 Australian adults who report they have bought a property in Australia in the last ten years indicated they are much less interested in reading gossip, expert opinions and voyeurism on real estate.

They were far more interested on tips and guides in relation to property prices in their own specific area.

Below is a list of things in order of priority that they like to read about in terms of real estate editorial.

– Details of property prices in the area
– Tips that are easy to read and visually attractive e.g. 10 things to look for at an inspection
– Reviews of areas and suburbs that they could potentially move to
– Home improvement articles
– Auction clearance rates
– ‘How to’ guides
– Photos and stories about Australia’s most luxurious houses
– Celebrity houses and stories

The key learning is that evidence based data is critical in terms of readership quality to buyers and sellers of the Australian market place.