I think skill is overrated and too much emphasis is on the ability one has to execute a task instead of actually working out whether that task should of been attempted in the first place.

Think about it. You can be world-class at taking an unqualified buyer out to show them property but all you are doing is being very good at something that didn’t have to be done at all. Doing something unimportant good does not make it important.

It’s far more important to actually make sure that what you choose to do has the best return on investment for the time you’re putting in. This will always beat out being efficient at something that is ineffective.

In real estate some of these ineffective tasks include cold calling, taking unqualified buyers out, listing over-priced unmotivated vendors, sitting in the office working for work but not working for a result, and the list goes on.

That philosopher many years ago that came up with that 80:20 rule was spot on. Essentially 20% of your activities would generate 80% of your results. So next time you’re busy just remember to ask yourself am i busy just for the sake of being busy or am I busy working towards an outcome. Working towards a result.

And here’s a clue at what the real estate champions across Australia are doing in terms of tasks selection.

  • Daily vendor conversations
  • Doing vendor paid presentations
  • Doing listing presentations
  • Following up open house buyers
  • Personal development training
  • Exercise
  • Planning your day