Dear Agents and Friends,


Thank you for the relationship and kind feedback throughout the year.


One of the most profound coaching tools I use with agents is the “Letter from the Future”. Simply send yourself a letter dated 31 Dec 2013 writing it in the present moment describing how year has brilliantly gone, covering in detail things like your income, your happiness levels, your real estate career, what your body looks like, your holidays etc – and write as if all this happened. This letter is like setting your GPS in the direction you want your life to head in 2013.


Wishing you a great New Year and I look forward to seeing you soon!


To top it off, here are my Top 10 Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts in 2012, as voted by you:

  1. There are two kinds of marketing programs. One is what the vendor would like. The other is what the vendor really needs.
  2. Change your attitude from fault finding to good finding. This is a game changer in gratitude and can create amazing happiness in your life. Do it right now.
  3. I can’t control what you think of me. But I can control what I think of me. And in the end that’s what counts.
  4. Turn the model upside down and watch yourself succeed. Don’t worry about commissions. Worry about doing brilliant vendor work. Watch!
  5. For some of you out there it’s time to give up your personal history. If it no longer serves you in a useful way, rip it up and start again!
  6. Of course the biggest problem in real estate is sameness. An oversupply of agents doing the same things and an under supply of gents being different.
  7. Treat yourself as if you already are what you would like to be.
  8. Some of your listings are money in the bank. Others are money out of your bank. Liabilities. No VPA. No motivation. Overpriced ? Dump em!
  9. Always choose to talk about process instead of price at a listing presentation. You’re a marketer not a Valuer.
  10. 80% of winning is beginning. Stop focusing on being better than your competitors and start focusing on how u can be the best version of yourself.


Which one was the key moment for you? Let me know, would love to hear your stories.