Its amazing the amount of vendors telling agents they want to sell but don’t want anyone to know about it .

Either they are private or do not want to appear a victim of the global financial crisis (GBC) . Ironically this is the exact market that a vendor needs to invest in marketing. Its simple logic, more advertising, more buyers , means more money. Being an auctioneer and a advertising director in publishing provides me a great window on what happens in the world of real estate marketing , and every month I see situations where a vendor would of got more money if they had invested a few dollars in marketing . You would not see Coca Cola or MacDonald’s launch a new product passively by just putting it on the net, but thats  what many vendors do when they launch their new product ( their home or unit ) on the market to compete against other products ( other listings) . As a worst case scenario real estate marketing should be seen as insurance. Insurance to make sure the property is not sold lower than it could potentially could have, and that is something you will never know unless you go through the exercise of a great marketing campaign that includes print and online in the mix