Skill is one of the most overrated factors in the sales business. People spend far too much time preparing and planning to prospect, than prospect itself.

For those that are new to real estate or any sales business you don’t need to complicate your strategy for the first two years. Get in early, work harder, and stay later. As time goes by you will notice that you will be less there and more good . But in those first two years, you don’t have to be good, you just got to be there.

Essentially, sales is basic economics. The more people you meet, the higher the probability you will pick up listings and sales. So don’t get too caught up at getting things perfect before you start doing them. In fact never let perfect get in the way of better. This is the biggest driver of procrastination that I know. Not doing something to completion because you want to get it perfect.

Which leaves me on this simple bit of advice. What if you adopted one simple ritual of calling ten people before 10am five days a week? That would work out to 200 people a month and 2000 people a year. This is world class stuff.