Your reference group is described as the group of people you have habitually most of the time. This group of people influences your view of acceptable norms. This group of people will essentially drive you forward to play big or stagnate you and keep you small.

You subconsciously compare yourself to this reference group and the level of success in a specific area of life becomes a benchmark that you aspire to and also accept as a minimum standard. For example, a child at school that is in a high class will have a reference group of a higher standard than in a lower class which will result in the student having a higher expectation of themselves based on what is the acceptable norm in that classroom.

As adults, the reference groups we have affect our success in our career, financial growth, fitness and health, education, and work ethic. Think about it – would a recovering heroin addict do better if their current reference group are heroin users or people that are living healthy, well adjusted, drug free lives?

In real estate sales would you not expect more of yourself if you’re comparing yourself to people writing over $500,000 pa in gross commission vs comparing yourself to the strugglers who are barely making a living. Those who are barely making a living will lower your level of a tolerated norm using negative language like the following:

– “The market is tough”   

– “Things are tightening up, it’s too hard to make a dollar”

– “What’s the point when the other agents are basically cutting their commission – they can have the business”

– “There’s no listings out there”

With this in mind, I urge you to take advantage of a very powerful concept and that is to surround yourself with positive people and the creation of your own mastermind group of winners that you catch up with for a meeting in a cafe focusing on crucial behaviours that create high leverage results and encourage each other to extract as much as you can out of the marketplace in your favour. Do this weekly.

Whilst you can’t change what the market is you can definitely change your share of that market.