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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

Army truck driver on $40k becomes Million Dollar Agent

This video will inspire anyone who has ever failed at school or work and show that you too can transform your life, if you never let your personal history get in the way of your ultimate destiny. Kirsten Mueller started in real estate just 2 years ago and is already on track to write over…

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Act as if it’s impossible to fail

What would your real estate career look like if it was impossible to fail? Stephanie & John Williams from Adelaide do exactly that on a daily basis. This dynamic duo from Adelaide write an incredible $2.5m worth of real estate dollar value per week, and are on track to write $150m in turnover this year.…

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Success tips from Melbourne icon Greg Hocking

Join me for this awesome training interview with Greg Hocking, an icon in Real Estate. After selling his interest from the hockingstuart franchise and completed his 3 year non-compete clause, Greg has resurfaced to do it all again.   In this training interview, Greg reveals: His story How to beat competitors at a listing How…

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Part 2: The $2 Million Attraction Agent – Marcus Chiminello

In part 2 of this training interview, you will not only find out the strategies Marcus used to write $650k in GCI in just the last 4 weeks, but also how he is able to consistently write these big numbers.   In this real estate training interview where Marcus reveals: The tools he uses to…

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Part 1: The $2 million Agent – Marcus Chiminello

Find out how you can fast-track your real estate career in 2-3 years with these amazing tips from an agent who writes over $2 million in GCI – Marcus Chiminello. Over the last 7 years, Marcus has built a true attraction business model where 100% of his business comes from his personal BRAND and not…

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How to bulletproof your stay-in-touch strategy

Adam Joske is an Attraction Agent in Melbourne writing over $1.3 million in GCI per annum in a marketplace with an avg. price of approx. $985K. With over 19 years of real estate experience, Adam has mastered the art of staying in touch without being an interrupter.   In this training interview Adam reveals: his…

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