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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

Greg Jemmeson – The 3 key things you need to know about pricing

“What constitutes collusion between an agent and a vendor around setting the agents estimated selling price, the pitch price, and the owners selling or desire price?” Greg Jemmeson reveals the 3 key things you need to know when it comes to pricing so that your properties can get sold ethically and legally. Greg Jemmeson is…

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RANT: The biggest mistake agents are making on social media

Too often I see agents damage their own brand by posting content on social media that’s intended to make other agents jealous. In this rant, I reveal how you can post content for your customers – not for your ego. P.S. – Social media and marketing strategies used by the top 1% of agents are…

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Surviving this Market – Robert Groeneveld

Robert Groeneveld from Philip Webb is featured regularly because his content is exceptional and when applied correctly, can help you to produce exponential results. In this webinar, Rob provides vendor dialogue for selling in a challenging market that is GOLD! The full video and templates are only available in the Real Estate Gym – Register…

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Are your commission payments lawful? with Greg Jemmeson

This training session will cover: Is it illegal to be commission only? What would I do if I have left the office and my old boss refuses to pay my commission? …and more Greg Jemmeson is the Principal at Jemmeson & Fisher Solicitors. Prior to practicing as a solicitor, he headed up the Real Estate…

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What the top 1% agents are doing – John McGrath

John McGrath & I reveal what the leading real estate agents are doing right now to: create buyer urgencywin listings at realistic pricesget vendors aligned with today’s pricesbuild their personal brand, and gain market share. Plus, we discuss the best ideas from AREC over the last 21 years. SHARE this and you can win a…

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Don’t be a gutless agent. Be a ‘Doctor’

A skilled real estate agent is no different from being a doctor. Your vendors are not looking for you to save them, they’re looking for a professional who can get the job done. Use this price alignment script on your vendors to help them get the best result! Reminder – the Real Estate Gym doors…

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