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The Biggest Limiting Belief Agents Hold

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right! The best way to grow is to avoid the complacency trap. Real Estate Gym contains hundreds of hours of training which includes everything I know and everything that the top 1% of agents have revealed. If…

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The Highlighter Agent: Are you losing listings to them?

If you can’t create a compelling story to get the listing, you need to have a back-up plan for the agent who uses the ‘Highlighter method’. Login to your Real Estate Gym membership and type in the search bar “Win the listing using these 2 letters“. If you’re not a member yet, the investment is…

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Stop Selling. Start Solving!

What’s your Possible Value Proposition? This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re prospecting and making calls. The entire training program is only in the Real Estate Gym Forward this to a colleague so you can succeed together. (638)

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Barbara Corcoran: Do you have the potential to be a top-performing agent?

You’ll be amazed at what Barbara Corcoran reveals about how to spot a top-performing agent even before you’ve hired them! She had the audience in hysterics at AREC 2019 😂 The full interview is only available at the TRET store My 12-month training program is only available in the Real Estate Gym Forward this to…

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What are you prepared to suffer?

I reveal why some agents are able to smash it in this market, and why it takes others longer to learn this critical lesson… The full training program is only available in the Real Estate Gym Forward this to a friend so you can both succeed together! (806)

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TIP! Improve your listing presentation dramatically

CASE STUDY: This is how an agent who had kept in contact with his client for 18 months still lost the listing – and it wasn’t on commission! BIG BIG lesson here that will improve your listing conversion rate dramatically. Forward this to a colleague so you can both succeed together! The Real Estate Gym…

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