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Where did all the young, flashy, sockless agents go?

tom panos sockless agents

Where did all the young, flashy, short pants, sockless agents go? A valuable lesson on how to survive this real estate market.

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Australian Real Estate Market Trends & Predictions with Chief Economist, Nerida Conisbee

Nerida Conisbee is the Chief Economist for the REA Group and one of the leading property market experts in Australia. Nerida reveals the current trends and predictions for the Australian Real Estate Market:

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This causes agents to spiral into depression

Right now, if you’re struggling, if you’re in real estate pain you’re not alone. Let me tell you how you got into a slump, and how to get out of it, in just 30 days.  The entire training program is only in the Real Estate Gym (712)

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The message from my oncologist…

This is the message I got from my oncologist, and why you should apply the same principle to real estate. To be a reliable agent you need to have crucial conversations with buyers and sellers every day. When you sugar-coat the situation you are responding with fear and insecurity. A true professional will tell it…

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To the agent who procrastinates making phone calls…

If you’re an agent who procrastinates making phone calls, or you don’t have enough people to call. The advice Will Torres reveals in this training interview is GOLD! Will is the Director of Torres Property and wrote $2.2m in GCI with his team in the first 15 months of operating. The full training program is…

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You can have a totally different life in 90 days!

If you’re a sales agent – you can have a radically different life in the next 90 days. In fact, Matthew Everingham, Director of Richard Matthews, reveals how he has taken advantage of the market decline and grown his market share in the last few months. The entire training program is only in the Real…

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