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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

TIP! Improve your listing presentation dramatically

CASE STUDY: This is how an agent who had kept in contact with his client for 18 months still lost the listing – and it wasn’t on commission! BIG BIG lesson here that will improve your listing conversion rate dramatically. Forward this to a colleague so you can both succeed together! The Real Estate Gym…

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This ONE self-awareness tip can significantly improve your business

How conscious are you of…  your energy when you respond to objections? Are you on autopilot at a listing? How assertive are you at negotiation? With access to the greatest real estate minds across the country, Troy Malcolm (Head of Learning & Development at McGrath), reveals a simple game-changing strategy that can help you gain the self-awareness you need…

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How you can be a powerful force of influence: Todd Duncan

This is the most powerful force of influence you can use to totally dominate your marketplace. If you can’t connect you can’t convert, but you can’t connect unless you can get what they won’t give your competition. Todd Duncan reveals the ‘code’ that can help you make a greater impact. He is a sales entrepreneur…

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Why good agents finish fist! with Taney Jain

Tom Panos Taney Jain 2019

Your vendors call you in for a listing, but deep down they want a decent human being to show up. Taney Jain has been one of the key agents I’ve coached since the start of his career. In this training interview, he reveals why empathy, compassion, and connection is what’s needed to play the long…

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$500k in GCI after 2 years in Real Estate

We sweat in training so we don’t bleed in battle. After just 2 years in real estate, Jordan Strudwick from NGU is writing close to $500k in GCI. Jordan joined the Real Estate Gym before he started working as a sales agent and now, most of his business is repeat and referral. The Real Estate…

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NEVER use this word in a negotiation! – Scott Dutton

Backstage at AREC2019 with Scott Dutton, the co-founder & company director of Fighting Fair. Scott reveals why you should NEVER use this word when the vendors tell you how much they want for their house, or in any negotiation scenario (backed by research from Harvard). As a thought leader in conflict resolution, Scott provides practical…

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