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7 Figure Attraction Agent podcast – Interviews with top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand. To listen on iTunes click here

VPA Scripts & Dialogues

tom panos

This 40 minute audio is a live role play marketing presentation with Tom Panos. Tom demonstrates how to use effective words, scripts and dialogue to help you master the delivery of vendor paid advertising.   Listen now:   If you enjoyed this, please share it: (798)

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From KFC worker to 2 Million Dollar Agent

I hope you love this training interview as much as I do because it is living proof that you can be writhing over $2m in fees with little education, no contacts, and starting in a new area.   Rick Serrao is the #1 Raine and Horne Agent in sales fees. Operating in the Eastern Suburbs…

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Bad sales people vs Likable sales people – Which one are you?

Craig Marshall is the Principal of the Cordeau Marshall Group. He is an authority in the real estate industry having run 3 Century 21 offices in the top 10 nationally.   In this training interview you will get 30 years of key insights to help you build your interpersonal communication skills. You will also learn:…

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Coaching with Tom Panos

3 critical things I’ve learnt from million dollar agents in Real Estate   Listen to the audio version of Coaching with Tom Panos on the 7 figure Attraction Agent podcast   If you enjoyed this, please share it: (28)

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From door-knocking to Million Dollar Agent

Amy Kaslar went from door-knocking and cold-calling to now being a Million Dollar Agent & Principal. In this interview Amy reveals how to: The questions to ask to build your database at open homes Have a strong stay-in-touch strategy Avoid being in the ‘Commodity Dungeon’   Listen to the audio version of Tom Panos interviews…

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Family man & Agent writes $2m in GCI

The $2m Attraction Agent and Family Man reveals how you can rapidly grow your business   Piers van Hamburg shows us that it’s possible to be a dedicated family man and still write $2m in GCI for FY13/14. I have personally known Piers since his mid-20s, and today he is the part owner of 4…

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